“Let Me Be Clear” / Millennial Outreach Tour

About the Author: Kieffer graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas. As a college student, Kieffer founded, edited and published a nationally recognized student newspaper and was the sole female in her class honored by St. Thomas with a practicing entrepreneur award. Kieffer has over five years of experience in commercial real estate. She has received state and national honors for her business leadership. She has been named one of the Twin Cities’ “25 Finest Young Professionals.” Kieffer has been featured on FOX News, NRA TV, The Sean Hannity Show, CNBC, MSNBC, The BLAZE TV, The Laura Ingraham Show, HLN, and she recently debated Bill Maher on HBO’s “Real Time.”


About the Book: Random House published Kieffer’s book titled “LET ME BE CLEAR.” Kieffer offers concrete solutions and explanations for Americans who are frustrated by meager job prospects, high student loan debt, healthcare snafus and the strain of perpetual war. Kieffer uses wit, humor and research to shine light on economic, national security and sociocultural vulnerabilities faced by today’s Millennials and their parents. An entertaining read for Americans looking to educate themselves before the midterms and presidential elections–and achieve the American Dream. Key players in the book: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Steve Jobs, doctors, fathers, students, Millennials, and the U.S. military.


Over 15 percent of Millennials are unemployed, over a third live with their parents, and 68% believe that the American dream is “impossible” to achieve according to a 2014 CNN American Dream Poll. Kieffer interviewed close to 300 doctors and surgeons to get their solutions for reforming healthcare for all Americans. She includes her exclusive interviews and stories of Marines, Navy Seals, diplomats and armed forces who were abused by the U.S. government and high-ranking military officials. Kieffer holds politicians accountable for our economic downturn–while offering real hope.


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